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29th August 2005

5:57pm: This LiveJournal thing is hard to figure out, and I'm getting frusted. Still haven't figured out move my background image to the center.

I'm hungry and Rome is taking forever to download. I want to go home and put back my laptop but my mom is there, and I don't want her to know that I took it out. She'll probably think that I've been going on the computer instead of studying. True, but I'm not in the mood for her lecturing me.
Current Mood: frustrated
5:43pm: I'm bored out of my mind
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Current Mood: cold

21st August 2005

12:15am: Even though I've created this page journal a long time ago, I never really tried to learn how to use it and since I'm bored and restless, I thought maybe I'll try learning how to use it and actually update it. I finally got a new header, a ballet one from Tina over at FanForum, and I think it's really pretty. Plus it's ballet, I love ballet. I miss ballet.
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